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Published Sep 12, 20
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I believe the colder and more robotic tones of shiny Magnezone make it look extremely cool. shiny bellossom. And this is not simply a number of magnets signed up with together. I imply, perhaps it kinda is. But it practically seems like a synthetic entity all of itself, practically alien in nature. And that robotic blue eye is simply the icing of the cake.

And I say that with Ho-Oh typically being my all-time preferred famous from all gens! The golden and white feathers look genuinely terrifying, yet also approachable. Something worthy of gathering, if you could ever get your hands on one. And the silver beak and crest make it even much better. Staryu's shiny form is simply a revamping of style and class.

I would include Starmie in here too but I think in between the two, I type of like Staryu more. Got ta remember your roots y' know? Zygarde's glossy kind is such a departure from the initial concept. And I. Zygarde's style indicates a lot of single cell unify to form the 100% variation of Zygarde, and the white and turquoise colors show this a lot much better that red and green.

It seems like strange tube samples and molecular biology essentially produced this glossy version. I think that perfectly matches this Pokmon's style. Maybe you do not concur with me on this one but hear me out. I understand the red and black colors of regular Yveltal perfectly reveal him as the bird of death.

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But this white and crimson contrast feels more unusual. Like yes it's menacing, however it's also not a color choice you see every day. shiny slowpoke. Besides, it sort of looks like the unfavorable version of Yveltal and death being the unfavorable of life just makes sense to me. There's simply something about blue fire that captivates me.

Here it is one more time with Ponyta( and likewise Rapidash). With these 2 fire horses the color options simply feel so right (shiny dugtrio). The flames look amazing, especially in more current video games. And the Pokmon are actually quite strong to have on your team too! I would not mind handling some E4 fitness instructors with a shiny Rapidash support me up.

A black Charizard feels like the epitome of this. The original was currently insanely powerful, did it actually require to go black? Yes. Very same with Haxorus, Rayquaza and Greninja. They simply look cool and method badass in black. And so far better than their routine kind, that these shinies are sought by a lot of fitness instructors.

A remarkable shiny idea and improvement from the initial( in my eyes) that there is no other word than "actually cool" to explain it. I particularly like the Aegislash red edge looking at its sword to contrast with the black tones (shiny misdreavus). This is even much better in Honedge and Doublade because and they appear like cursed swords, something exceptionally appropriate for a Steel/Ghost Pokmon with the shape of a sword.

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Approaching the top of the list I have just the coolest of the coolest, the generally great clambers. There is no denying that Metagross is one of those Pokmon. Changing its bluish tone for a silver one, and the iron X and claws handle a golden accent. This really provides it an amazing design unlike many other shinies that you'll discover.

Changing its normal blue rock and red stalagmites for a purplish rock and cyan stalagmites is just what the Pok Physician purchased. This way, Gigalith just gives such a greater vibe of cavern whether it's by radiant for bioluminescence, or by discovering concealed minerals deep inside the cave. In my eyes this design is just an enhancement that looks cool as hell.

OKAY I know it does not look like much. It's a Pokmon that is practically worthless, why is it ranked so high up? Well it's easy: a gold Magikarp legally looks really freaking cool. Even if it's ineffective and goofy, this fish is an icon to the series much like Pikachu.

Not to point out a glossy Gyarados is really incredibly badass and truly beneficial so let's call them both connected for # 2. There is only one Pokmon that can surpass our god Magikarp in its shiny design, and that is Umbreon. Its glossy kind alters its body rings from yellow to blue.

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Although it was originally planned to duplicate the moonlight with its yellow rings, the blue ones feel more like reproducing the mist and shadows of the night. It likewise is among the most popular Pokmon so I know a few fans will agree with me on this one.



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