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Bear in mind, this list is simply my individual opinion, and I will not be held accountable for your lack of emotional self control if you're somehow offended (shiny slaking). Anyways, let's start with AvengedRitsuko's list of the Top 100 Best Shiny Pokemon! KEEP IN MIND: This list is in no particular order! I simply went through the Shiny Pokedex to discover the finest of the very best in Shiny Land! # 100 - CharizardI know I do not like Charizard extremely much, however I need to admit, this glossy kind is cool, the Coal Grey and Crimson works so well. # 99 - SandslashHe advises me of Knuckles the Echidna, that's factor enough for me to put him on this list. # 98 - NidokingUnlike Shiny Nidoqueen, Shiny Nidoking in fact follows through with the color scheme to the very end of the advancement, and it's stunning! # 97 - NinetailsThis is legendary, this is simply impressive, a silver 9 Tailed Fox, amaaaaaaaazing! # 96 - AlakazamWhile turning Shiny Pokemon Pink is typically a bad thing, it works here since Alakazam is a Psychic Type Pokemon, plus it's more like Pink armor, so its pretty cool! # 95 - TentacruelThis guy has a sort of, psuedo-alien look too him, he looks like a living alien ship, that's fuckin cool! # 94 - GhastlyUnlike regular Ghastly who looks like a ball of gas, this man looks like a ball of spectral energy, that's remarkable, and fitting! He kinda looks like the Shadow Ball attack in fact. # 93 - The Electrode LineIs this Pokemon a lazy design? Yes.

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I 'd completely use this thing! # 90 - LaprasFirst of all, how can you not love Lapras? She's soooooooooo adorable! And honestly, purple is among my favorite colors, and its an extremely sea-themed purple, I enjoy it! # 89 - DittoYay! Fairy Floss Ice Cream!!!! # 88 - DragonairThis is one of the couple of Pink Shiny Pokemon that's really beautiful.

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I am not gon na try to pronounce that, have actually fun.:/ # 80 - RaikouThis is pure badassary! # 79 - EnteiThis is pure basassary-y!! # 78 - SuicuneThis is pure badassary-y-y!!! # 77 - Ho-ohHuh, for a generic bird Legendary, this is truly quite! # 76 - BlazikenThis actually isn't a case of hardly changed, it's in fact exceptionally dark! Like over roasted chicken, that makes sense since he's a fire type chicken! # 75 - The Gardevoir & Gallade LineSo much yes with these guys! Diamond blue on a few of the coolest fucking Pokemon to every exist! I like these guys soooooooooooo much!!! # 74 - The Breloom LineI don't understand why I like these guys, however I truly do! Likewise the Shroomish kinda looks like an NES Mario Mushroom!:3 # 73 - The Roserade LineThis is one of the Greatest Shiny Pokemon Types ever developed! I personally like this since I in fact have a Shiny Roserade on my Pokemon X Group called Starless Rose, and my god I love her! # 72 - CameruptThis is awesome! ITS LIKE THEY TOOK THE VOLCANO ITSELF AND MADE IT INTO AN AWESOME POKEMON!!! Black and Grey Shinies in General are simply sooooo cool!!!! # 71 - ZangooseThis is kinda cool because it kinda makes him appear like a super hero, kinda sorta, I dunno, I much like the blue lightning bolt on his body. # 70 - ArmaldoThis is one of the coolest colored Pokemon ever! Iron Man the Armaldo!!!! # 69 - AbsolRed and White with lite Blue eyes, what a lovely beast Absol is. shiny sneasel. # 68 - ClamperlSeriously, if you found this thing at the bottom of the ocean, you and a rich pawn store owner would be really delighted! # 67 - The Metagross LineTRANSFORMERS MOM FUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!! # 66 - RegisteelDiamond Armor has actually pertained to the Pokemon universe, and my god is it fabulous!!! # 65 - Latios & LatiasFirst off, no Latios isn't green, it's Aqua Green, and that color is cool.

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And considering that I enjoy Staraptor, this got my attention, IMMMMEEEEDDDIATELLLLLYYYY!!! # 61 - The Luxray Line" This simply in, there is now a Yellow Electric Type Pokemon who is much better than Pikachu in every way, without needing any special treatment!!! Get rekt you low tier overrated rodent!" # 60 - The Lopunny LineOooohhhh my god she's sooooooooo prettttyyyyyyy!!!! Awawawaswawawawa!!!! Cuuuuuuttttttiiiiieeeeeeeee!!!! # 59 - Spititomb" RUN FOR YO LIVES BOYS, I JUST OPENED EVICTIONS OF THE UNDERWORLD!!!!.3 (shiny shinx)." # 58 - The Abomasnow LineNow this is a wintry and terrifying Ice Type!!! # 57 - MagnezoneH-holy shit.



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